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Bonnells Bay Skate Park is a great place to practise skills

Bonnells Bay Skate Park is one of the smaller skate parks around Lake Macquarie. With the playground, sports courts, and Youth and Community Centre all on the same site, there’s plenty of space to have fun. Pack the skateboard or scooter and head to Bonnells Bay to practice skills.

Discovering Bolton Point

Look for the turn into the car park at 275 Fishery Point Road, Bonnells Bay. There’s a few parking spaces here, a shelter, basketball courts, and toilets. Although the toilets are a bit rough! You’ll also find a great playground and Bonnells Bay Reserve, which is a large grassed area you can hire.

What’s at the skate park?

This skate park is a modular local-level skate park. Featuring six-foot quarter pipes, six-foot flat banks, and a fun box. It’s a good place to head to practice your descent and ascents. Ideal for both learners and experienced riders, this park has something for all levels. Where most of the skate parks are graffitied in our area, this one sets the standard with some clever street art covering the pipe ends.


There’s loads of skate parks around Lake Macquarie you can explore, check out our reviews here: Bike, Skate & Scooter Parks. Lake Macquarie has some gorgeous places to discover. Maybe a new playground, a family walk, or local rock pools. Discover more in our Out & About section.

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