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Kahibah Park Playground is a great space for our little ones!

Set amongst the trees, this small but comprehensive playground is a great spot to take the kids. With wide open space, shade, toilets, and a fish & chip shop across the road, it’s definitely one to add to your list.


Getting here

Kahibah Park Playground is located at 40 Hexham Street, Kahibah. Kahibah Village Shops are nearby, with a Friendly Grocer, coffee shop, and various small retailers. Situated opposite the local fish & chip shop, this playground has toilets, picnic tables, and a pram-friendly path. Although this playground is not fenced, it’s very spacious and there’s lots of room to play.

Playground inclusions

All age play equipment has been included so everyone is happy. From a small flying fox to climbing nets, slides, and more. A small rock climbing wall has been added to the end of the net so kids can go up and then come back down as they choose.


Something for everyone

There’s even something extra for toddlers. You’ll find a nest swing and toddler swing, plus a couple of activity stations for a quick game of connect four! Toddlers will enjoy a secure climbing fort and slide, plus hours of fun just playing in the woodchips!


Visit for morning tea, or over lunch for a lovely morning out with the family. If you love Kahibah Park Playground, check out more playgrounds we’ve reviewed around Lake Macquarie here: Playgrounds & Parks

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