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Lake Macquarie’s Christmas Eve Santa on the boat 2023 (finished)

Santa has been cruising the shores of Lake Macquarie for as long as I can remember. As a child, this was one of my favourite memories of living in Lake Mac. Even as a teen and young adult, we spent many a Christmas Eve on the foreshore watching and waving to Santa. The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Lake Mac. 

Come and join us as we unite Western & Eastern Lake Macquarie watching Santa cruise the foreshore.

East Lake Macquarie

The Lion’s Club at Valentine has supported the wider community in their annual picnic by the lake at Bennett Park for many years.

For Christmas Eve 2023 Santa is ‘gearing up’, ready for his visit by boat to Valentine (Bennett Park) on Christmas Eve. He will disembark on the new jetty on the Southern side of the boat ramp. 

Santa will be arriving on his boat at 5pm at Bennett Park, Valentine. If he can get away from the North Pole earlier he does try.

See you there!


West Lake Macquarie

Santa is coming to West Lake Mac again in 2023. 

On the western side of the lake, Santa loves spreading Christmas cheer. This annual event, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Toronto Sunrise, is continuing to ensure that this more than 32-year-old tradition continues.

Santa spreads Christmas cheer with carols, etc being played from his water sleigh.

Santa will be traveling from Bolton Point to Wangi, along the western lake foreshore as slow as possible along the way, so that he can wish as many as possible a very happy Christmas. Everyone is welcome to bring their family to one of Santa’s vantage points or join the flotilla of boats to accompany Santa on his journey.
Everyone can enjoy traditional Christmas carols, as Santa approaches you on the boat, so come and sing along.

Join the flotilla from Bolton Point at 4.30 or bring the family to one of these jetties to enjoy this wonderful community tradition. 

Arrival times for 2023:
  • Bolton Point foreshore 4.30 pm
  • Toronto foreshore 5.00 pm
  • Kilaben Bay Park 6.15 pm
  • Rathmines Old Catalina launching ramp 6.45 pm
  • Wangi Workers Club foreshore 7.15 pm

We’ll keep this article updated so check back!


There’s nothing quite like a lakeside seat on Christmas Eve watching Santa on the boat. It doesn’t matter which side of the lake you live on, it’s something we can share and enjoy as a whole community. Look forward to seeing everyone lakeside.

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