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Why did Batman cross the road? (finished)

Possibly because he was being pursued by Ghostbusters, Princess Leia and an old bloke in a dress????

When the Pop Culture Festival comes to Warners Bay, you’d better buckle up and put on your favourite characters outfit. As cosplay becomes more and more popular, there’ll be plenty of families in Lake Mac who’ll enjoy a day of dressing up!  I’ve heard whispers that if dementors descend on Warners Bay, we’ve got four Ghostbusters who’ll be on hand to clean up the mess. And, if that doesn’t work, we can always turn to the force for assistance!

Cosplay hits Warners Bay

Lake Mac is hosting it’s first ever pop culture festival at Warners Bay Theatre on Saturday 29th July. With plans for characters from Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter attending, there’ll be something for everyone. Love building lego or role playing games? This festival will be right up your alley.

“This will be an inclusive event aimed at teens and above, celebrating the fun and magic that pop culture delivers,” – Lake Macquarie City Council Manager Arts, Culture and Tourism Jacqui Hemsley

Event Highlights

With lots of activities planned during the day, here’s some of the highlights!

  • Swordcraft Newcastle will host demonstrations throughout the event. Learn to fight with a sword. You’ll even get the opportunity to join in!
  • Sons of Obiwan lightsaber skills show. They’ll showcase their high-energy non-combative lightsaber demonstrations. Be prepared to use the force!
  • Pop Bam Trivia Contests – Accept the challenge and see if you have all the knowledge on pop culture trivia.
  • Magical Wizard Craft will demonstrate tricks and banish any ideas you may have that the only people in Warners Bay are muggles!
  • Come and meet an impressive array of characters that Simon Wait, an Oz-Comic Con FX award winner, will be bringing along.
  • Meet the man who played Zeus’s harpist in the Marvel blockbuster, Thor: Love and Thunder. David Hambly will be there and sharing back stage stories of his time spent with Russell Crowe and Chris Hemsworth.
  • And there’ll be prizes given out for best dressed so start planning your outfit now!

Release your inner child

“Sometimes I think people forget how much fun it is to be a kid, and enjoying the heck out of things just because you can.”  

“Most parents will bring their kids to the event, thinking it’s just for them, but the parents end up getting a kick out of it also.” – Brenton Portus who has been involved in the cosplay scene for almost 15 years.


Tickets & details

This event will be held at Warners Bay Theatre on the 29th July 2023, 10am – 4pm. 

  • Adults – $10
  • Youth (5-17 years) – $7
  • Children under 5 – Free

Lake Mac POP BAM: Pop Culture Festival – Lake Macquarie City Council

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