Category: Family Walks

Jul 16
Spot the turtles on the Myuna Bay trail

If you think you’ve seen most of Lake Macquarie, then think again. There are so many hidden bays and gorgeous landscapes still to explore. Myuna Bay is one of them. Its Aboriginal meaning is ‘clear water’ and that’s exactly what we found. This bay is absolutely breathtaking and with shallow water, it’s perfect for stand-up […]

Jul 11
Wangi Point natural wonderland. Walk, explore and experience.

Wangi Point State Conservation Area is full of surprises. Its rocky platforms, countless coves & bays stretching south from Rathmines, provides a natural playground for the kids. Then the ‘seats of serenity’ perfectly positioned along the way, allows visitors to immerse themselves in their surroundings. We also loved the view of Pulbuh Island and walking […]

Apr 19
Belmont Lagoon: Walk the trails, enjoy the wildlife.

Every time we venture somewhere new we learn so much, and Belmont Lagoon tells a story of many tales. From the history of Cold Tea Creek to the building remains on the spit, it was like peeling back an onion with so many layers. What remains today is a body of water, connected to Lake […]

Apr 15
Exploring the Fernleigh Track

Once joining the cities of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle by rail, the Fernleigh Track now offers both communities a back-to-nature experience of travel. Come with us as we explore the various coastal habitats, our rail heritage, the five sections of the track, and what you’ll experience along the way. 1. Belmont to Jewells Railway Parade, […]

Mar 03
Caves Beach walk along the coast to Pinny Beach

Tucked away just past the sea caves at Caves Beach is a coastal walk which showcases the gorgeous cliffs and landscape of the area. You’ll stumble upon Spoon Rock Bay and the break wall that protects it. Discover scenic views right into Newcastle, and appreciate our unique Pinny Beach with it’s coarse, pebbly sand. The […]

Jun 10
Glenrock Lagoon, walk along the Yuelarbah track

In Lake Macquarie, we are completely spoilt living in and around our lake. However, Lake Mac has many more amazing places to explore and they’re all very accessible once you know where to find them. The Yuelarbah track along Glenrock Lagoon is definitely one of them. History of Glenrock As with many areas in this […]

Mar 20
See the ducks on Owens Walk Redhead.

Running parallel to the beach and weaving its way through the coastal landscape is Owens Walk at Redhead. There is so much to see from the viewing platforms to the shaded pathway leading you right to the local wetlands. These wetlands cross over through Belmont & Redhead. This walk is perfect to explore the local […]

Aug 13
Swansea Bridge to Blacksmiths walk

When they built the first bridge in Swansea over Lake Mac back in 1881, it’s primary use was for transporting stone. From 1895 onwards it became more of a public roadway. Today, after multiple rebuilds and the latest expansion to a twin bridge, it’s an essential link between Blacksmiths & Swansea. Over 30,000 vehicles cross […]

Jun 18
Swansea channel walk, ride and explore the bridge

Ever driven over Swansea Bridge and not even thought twice about what’s below? We decided to explore the stretch from the Swansea boat ramp all the way to the RSL on the other side of the bridge. What a glorious part of Lake Mac! Take in the breathtaking view, passing water traffic, wildlife, and much […]

Nov 11
Family fun at Blacksmiths Beach, Breakwall & Grannies Pool

As a child, and even into my teens, Blacksmiths Beach was a local haunt. Now as we visit with our young family, this beachside suburb has a wealth of activities to suit every family all year round.  Blacksmiths Beach Over the summer months, the beach comes alive with the resident SLSC Swansea Belmont. The junior […]