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Apr 09
Are your kids ready for the Aquatic Challenger this autumn?

Cool down this autumn with a family outing that’ll test your kid’s climbing, sliding and swimming skills. The Aquatic Challengers at Lake Mac Swim Centres are perfect for a family fun-filled day. Get wet, have fun and relax at one of three swim centres in our Lake Mac region. Take some lunch and enjoy a […]

Mar 20
Tidal rock pools at Swansea Heads: A hidden gem

When I was a child, my dad used to take us down to explore the rock pools at Swansea Heads. It seems like only yesterday when he volunteered for the coast guard monitoring traffic in and out of the channel. The coast guard sits perched on the bluff of Swansea heads but beneath the headland […]

Dec 07
More fun in the sun at our patrolled beaches!

Heading to the beach after a long day at work has now become a safer prospect for our Lake Macquarie community. For the last two years the beaches have been monitored as part of the Smart Beaches program. As a result of the data collected lifeguards will patrol for an extra two hours per day […]

Feb 19
Have you visited the gorgeous Ghosties Beach cave?

At the back of Catherine Hill Bay, past the new development, is an unpatrolled stretch of beach like nothing you’ve seen before. As a child, this pristine sandy coast was a favourite spot for our family. Unfortunately, before you hit the sand, you’ll have to pass through a multi-million dollar sterile estate. Although once you […]

Nov 11
Family fun at Blacksmiths Beach, Breakwall & Grannies Pool

As a child, and even into my teens, Blacksmiths Beach was a local haunt. Now as we visit with our young family, this beachside suburb has a wealth of activities to suit every family all year round.  Blacksmiths Beach Over the summer months, the beach comes alive with the resident SLSC Swansea Belmont. The junior […]

Mar 06
A slice of paradise at Spoon Rock Bay

In the beach culture of the suburb of Caves Beach, the main attraction has always been the sea caves. This unmistakable tourist attraction is almost a diversion from the real beauty of the area. As we swam peacefully at Spoon Rock Bay, you could see the masses of people who had flocked to Caves Beach. […]

Feb 28
Spend the day at Catherine Hill Bay

Once you’re heading along the windy road surrounded by bush as you travel into Catherine Hill Bay, you begin to get a flavour for the place. Catherine Hill Bay is the oldest continuous settlement in our Lake Macquarie area. You can still see original miners cottages and the site of the original pub when you […]

Jan 20
Caves at Caves Beach: Explore them today with the kids

Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky we are to have these amazing places all around us, and only a short distance away. If you’ve ever wondered why it was named Caves Beach then you won’t any more. Discover and explore the inter-connecting sea caves at Caves Beach southern end. You’ll marvel at yet another one […]

Oct 25
Had a swim at Belmont baths? Find out why you should.

Belmont pool (baths) For many years, Belmont pool (baths) was a popular bathing area, nestled on the shores of Lake Macquarie at Belmont. With a shoreline where you could erect a shade umbrella and a grassy area to put down a rug, this was a family hot spot for swimming on warm summer days. In […]